Top 10 (or Inexpensive) Tuition Free Online Universities (Colleges)

Tuition Free online Universities: College can be expensive the average annual cost for tuition at private universities in the United States is around $ 32,000 a year. That’s just tuition students spend hundreds or thousands more on books, course materials, and lab fees. There was a time that only the wealthy or those who wanted to get knee-deep in debt could obtain a college degree. Thanks to the Information Age and the brilliant minds of entrepreneurs you can now obtain a college degree for free or at a fraction of the cost of the national average.

Every piece of knowledge that mankind currently knows is available in some form on the internet for free. This begs the question, do we really need to pay huge of thousands of dollars and get into debt.

Tuition Free online Universities – OR- Tuition Free Online Colleges

Here are 10 tuition free online universities or almost free colleges and universities.

10- University of the People

University of the people currently offers bachelor’s degrees in computer science and Business Administration. The University of the people is completely free. Is it accredited? yes while you are seeking additional accreditation they are currently accredited by the distance education accrediting commission and it’s approved by the California Bureau of private post-secondary education to award degrees.

Website: Click here.

9- World Education University

WEU offers a variety of bachelor’s degrees and best of all tuition at WEU is completely free. It is also accredited. World Education University is currently seeking additional accreditation but it’s authorized to operate as a degree-granting institution of higher education.

Website: Click here.

8- Patten University

Patten University is not tuition free. They offer degree programs are very reasonably priced. Undergraduate tuition is $ 350 a month and graduate tuition is $ 520 a month. The fee is the same regardless of how many courses you take each semester. This fee covers the courses you take all e-text and course materials.

Patten offers a variety of MBA, bachelors, and associates degrees. Is patent university accredited? Yes, it is accredited by the accrediting commission for senior colleges and universities and the West an association of schools and colleges.

Website: Click here.

7- New Charter University

The new charter university isn’t free. It is accredited by the accrediting commission of the distance education accrediting commission and is a member of the Council for higher education accreditation American Council on Education and the Council for adult and experimental learning.

New Charter University: Click here.

6- Western Governors University

Western Governors University is another low-cost degree option. Bachelor degree programs start at six thousand dollars a year. Is it accredited? yes. The Northwest Commission on colleges and universities has accredited WGU. This is the same organization that accredited other institutions like the University of Washington, University of Oregon, University of Utah, and Brigham Young.

Website Link: Click here.

5- Central Christian College of the Bible

Central Christian College is located in Missouri and offers full-tuition scholarships for those seeking a bachelor’s degree in religious studies, youth, family ministry and many other religious based areas of study. It’s accredited. Its accredited by the Association for biblical higher education.

Website: Click here.

4- Straighter Line

The straighter line takes a unique approach to higher learning. A year at straighter line costs about $1,200. The straighter line does not offer degrees. You can transfer credits earned here to over different colleges and universities. Straighter line courses have been recognized by the distance education accrediting Council and received approved quality curriculum. Also, all of their courses go through an intensive quality review process by ACE credit prior to being available to students.

Website: Click here.

3- Do-It-Yourself

At you’ll learn how to earn a college degree through testing out of courses. I mean if all the information ever known to mankind is available for free online why not learn it for free then test out of classes.

Website: Click here.

2- Kaplan University’s

The first degree that one can obtain through the OC@KU program is the Bachelor of Science and Professional Studies. The tuition rate for this program is a hundred and ninety-five dollars a month. Also, includes an additional fee. Yes, it is accredited. Its accredited by the higher learning commission.

Website: Click here.


Teachur is in its infancy the prospects are amazing. Teachur will offer accredited bachelor degrees for $1000. Again, teachur is in its infancy. Right now it’s only a Kickstarter campaign and as part of the campaign. You can earn your degree for as little as five hundred dollars once the program launches.

Website:  Click here.

Harvard MIT Columbia and Berkeley are amongst some of the most prestigious universities to release free courses online. With these courses, you can earn certificates and university credits alike.

That’s all for Top 10 (or Inexpensive) Tuition Free online Universities. and I hope you found this information very useful if you enjoy this content please do share till and I wish you all the best in your studies and your careers you.

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