How to Become a Registered Nurse(RN Nurse)?

So, how do you become a registered nurse (rn)? I’m going to tell you what the requirements for becoming a registered nurse.How to Become a Registered Nurse(RN Nurse)?

The first thing is that you need to have an education within a college or a university. So you can get that in three ways:

  • You can get a Bachelors of Science and nursing.
  • You can get an associate’s degree in nursing
  • Or you can get a diploma(which you get within a hospital that’s a 3-year program)

The second thing you need to do is pass your boards which are also called the NCLEX. Once you pass those you will advance from a GN or a graduate nurse to an RN or a registered nurse. At that point, you can start working within the hospital. You can actually work in the hospital as a GN until you take your boards and then you’ll be working as an RN.

In most hospitals, they have a program where once you come out of school. There a residency or an intern program depending upon the specialty. So you’ll be in that program for anywhere from three to six months. Then you will advance and you’ll be caring for your patients single-handedly.

The other thing to maintain your nursing license is you need to maintain at least 20 CEUs or continuing education hours or units every two years and you also have to renew your license every two years and those are the requirements to becoming a registered nurse.

(RN) Registered Nurse Education Requirements

High School Education

If you are in high school now. Here are some things that you need to do.

You need to make sure that you take college prep courses. This would include your math, sciences, chemistry all of those things. It has been usually preferred that you would have a foreign language preferably four years. Foreign language is very important RN training. Nowadays you need to be bilingual.

You need to focus on anatomy physiology, chemistry, algebra, pre-calculus, calculus, statistics, psychology and definitely English and communication.

So that’s the basic thing that you need for high school. You also need to make sure that you have a GPA  of three points or higher.  It is because depending on where you’d like to go nursing programs and nursing institutions are very competitive.

So, the higher the GPA means better future. If you have a high school degree or if you have a GED either of those will work fine.

Degree For Registered Nurse(RN Nurse)

Now, if you’re already out of high school. 

Here’s the important thing. You need to make sure your research that which nursing facility you’d like to go to whether it is at a college, university, or even at a community college. Before you get an admission it becomes necessary to confirm that it is an accredited nursing program.

In order to find out you need to do extensive research. But you also need to make sure is that you have taken your SATs and ACT. Now, these scores, if you are going to a competitive school, those are going to be what’s going to make or break you when you get into a program.

Now, everyone joining a new college will have to take a college entrance exam. This is required by our colleges and universities.This position you and then therefore once you’re there you can go ahead and start your courses.

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Now, depending on which school you go to and what program you want, whether it’s an associates degree or a bachelor’s degree, you need to know that there is a waiting list before you can get into the nursing program. So this means that once you are in college or institution. They are going to put your name on a waiting list and this varies by state. So you need to make sure whichever state that you’re attending that college. You need to know how long the waiting list exists and it may vary from a year or even two years.

Once your name is on the waiting list that is when you want to get your prerequisite courses completed.

Now for the associate’s degree program in it like I said it’s gonna take about two years to complete this. However, it’s gonna take about a year and a half a prerequisite coursework and order for you to get into the nursing program. Once you have your prerequisite classes completed, you can go ahead and start your core courses for your nursing program.

Now once that happens you will have theory work and you also have clinical work.

This also applies to the bachelor’s degree program. Once you’re done with your prerequisite courses you will then be able to take your curriculum courses for that nursing program.

Think Twice

You always want to make sure that you read the fine lines before you decide to enroll in the program. and that just makes sure that you know that you’re on track. You always have an academic advisor and it’s working with you just to make sure that the credit that you’ve taken especially they’ve taken another institution will count for credit towards your degree.

It is very important that you take your exams shortly after graduation because all of the knowledge that you have learned will be new and fresh. The longer you wait it may be harder to pass your exam. After you take your exam it may take between two to four weeks before you get results.

If you do not have passed the exam first time. There exits wait time between 45 to 90 days. This depends on each state.

Once you get your RN(Registered Nurse) license. You will be required to renew your RN license every two years.

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