Preventive Maintenance Charging and Equalization

Preventive Maintenance Charging and Equalization: Hello friends welcome, Today we are going to explain that how we can increase the battery life to the maximum with a particular procedure. When metals are exposed to air are kept in open for some time there surfaces are slowly eaten up or corroded. Which is the main purpose that reduces the battery life this is because formation of certain compounds like oxides carbonates sulfides etc. by the gases and water vapour present in air depending upon the nature of metal this results premature battery failure. It may be another reason may be improper charging poor maintenance.
Preventive Maintenance, Charging and EqualizationTo avoid these all situations we need to equalized properly or given a controlled overcharge with the proper interval of time Equalization is one of the most important and must be performed correctly but only as required.

Preventive maintenance

We must aware of acid level when we use cell for the very first time and then we can place on the charging.The reading should be recorded and kept for the life of battery. We must read the specific gravity after we remove from the charging for the first charge.

A. Record and check the level of electrolyte once a month and equalizer approximately every 4- 5 months.

B. Electrolyte in the lead acid battery is one of the most important component to maximize the life of the battery if we found the level of electrolyte low before battery put into the service we must contact dealer
C. The original acid level of the cell must be maintained back when it below the bottom of the went well (that is tube inside the battery cell with the slot on each side)
D.We never use the tap water also not  contain chlorine because it contains the hardness which causes the reduced in battery life also cause poor battery performance


These recommendation necessary for Preventive Maintenance Charging and Equalization of lead acid battery.

1.We must keep record the level of electrolyte acid level and equalizing once every 6 months.

2.Specific gravity place an important role to maximize the battery life and reduce over battery maintenance so must record this reading also after every 3 months or 4 months
3.Water level of each cell must be maintained as requirement.
4.Generally, cleaning the terminals of batteries are recommended because it plays an important role we can do this by keeping the metal surface smooth by painting it or use of oil or grease.Another method to protect is that use of some least reactive metal which do not get oxidized.
We can also use the solution of baking soda and water used to be neutralized make sure that the vent caps are security tightened and no soda solution get into the battery cell.

State of charge and charging

The true measure of the battery charge is known by the specific gravity of the battery acid the following shows approximately values at 25 degree Celsius.

Preventive Maintenance Charging and Equalization

Equalization corrective

It is need to perform if there is a rise of symptoms such as running low capacity of the battery ,will not hold a charge .These kinds of symptoms are of heavily sulfated battery. If it is not being fully charged on regular basis unlimited equalization is performed using the generator sulfation will occur from deficit cycling.
Sulphate causes resistance to charge and a false high voltage reading will occur the charge controller will helps you to measure false high voltage which further low charging current to set voltage point.
This further increases under charge condition this is one reason why specific gravity measurement are so important as false high voltage reading can be misleading.You should always confirm at least in the starting that the state of charge by taking specific gravity measurement of one cell when it is fully charged.

Corrective equalization method

The degree of sulfation decides the time to take corrective equalization it is not recommended to equalize with the generator as some generator produce low grade AC.

1.  If you have hydrocaps during equalization
2. We must set charging controls to high voltage allows by inverter. if the banks are highly sulphated and current is very limited the charge controlled can be removed. Temperature must monitor very very closely.
3. We can also make use of Solar Panel for good dc Source .if grid is not available at high voltages charging with generator can be difficult.

4. We record specific gravity and the temperature of the cell after every 1 hour. if temperature rises to 46(degree Celsius) and reaches to 52(Celsius) remove the battery from charging.

5. If the specific gravity begins to rise the voltage Bank there must be a drop on change on charging current will increase.

6. Check the cell of electrolyte level and add water if necessary

Pulse charging

Pulse Charging has shown that Bank do not get severely sulfated as one with the traditional 3 step charging when subjected to the same under recharge condition. pulse charging reduce the degree of sulfation  but it will not eliminate the need of equalization.
The benefit of pulse charging is that bank will required less overcharge and less maintenance.
Must Remember
Allow Bank to cool and check the record of specific gravity of each cell
Caution:- if you have hydro cabs you need move during equalization
We can also add  EDTA to increase the solubility of sulfate in an electrolyte.


This is whole about the Preventive Maintenance Charging and Equalization.

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