What are Parts of a flower with Function? – Flower Structure

At the end of this article, you will able to describe and define – Parts of a flower, Function, structure. Let’s start discussing one by one.What are Parts of a flower - Flower Structure

Flowers vary in size shape and colour but all flowers have the same basic parts. The main parts of flowers are

  • Pedicle and Thalamus
  • Calyx or Sepals
  • Corolla or Petals
  • Androecium or Stamens
  • Gynoecium or pistols

Parts of a Flower (Function) – Flower Structure

Pedicle and Thalamus – The flower is born on a stock called Pedicle. The uppermost end of the Pedicle is swollen. This swollen part of the Pedicle is known as the thalamus. It bears all the four whorls of a flower.

Calyx or Sepals – The outermost whorl of a flower is Calyx. It consists of leaf-like structures called the Sepals.  Sepals are usually green in colour. Calyx also protects the flower during the bud stage.

Corolla or Petals – Corolla is the second whorl of a flower. Each segment of the Corolla is known as a petal. Petals are usually brightly coloured due to the presence of pigment. The bright colour sweet smell and nectar attract the insects.

Androecium or stamens – Androecium or stamens is the third floral whorl. It is composed of one or more Male reproductive organs called stamens. Each stamen consists of thin stock called filament and two-lobed head called anther. 

  • The anther and filament are connected by connective tissue. Each anther lobe has two Pollen sacs which are filled with pollen grains. Pollen grains are minute in size and take part in reproduction.

Gynoecium or pistols – Gynoecium or pistols is the fourth Whorl of which is composed of one or more female reproductive organs called carpel. Each carpel consists of an ovary, style, and stigma.

  • The stigma is the terminal part of the pistol. It is sticky, rough, and Hairy. Stigma is meant for receiving pollen grains during pollination. The style is the thread like structure which connects the stigma with the ovary. It is meant for raising the level of the stigma.
  • The basal swollen part of the pistil is called ovary. The ovary bears ovules on a swollen tissue called placenta. Each ovule contains a female reproductive cell or egg.

This is all about the basics of Parts of a flower, Function, Structure.

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