How Does The Water Cycle Work?- Explanation

Water is humanity’s basic need and affects everything. People need water to survive, without water survival is impossible. The existence of life is all due to Water cycle. Let’s talk about the cycle its importance and how it works.

What Is Water Cycle Definition?

It is the continuous movement of water above and below the surface of the earth. The hydrological cycle is another name of the water cycle.

Importance of Water Cycle

The cycle looks pretty simple and straightforward. It can really go a bunch of different directions. The fact is this is continuous and constantly going on. Wherever we look it’s an integral part of our lives. We couldn’t do without it.

  • Since the wind has moved the clouds to a new location. It helps that heat has been redistributed across the earth. This is one of the ways the earth regulates its temperature.
  • It keeps plants growing which keeps us breathing.
  • It is indirect way providing food to eat and access to clean water to drink.
  • Provides support to other cycles such as – carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle etc.

Water Cycle Process

Broadly Speaking the whole cycle consists of process phases:

  • Evaporation
  • Condensation
  • Precipitation
  • Infiltration
  • Surface Runoff.
  1. Infiltration is the flow of water from the ground surface into the ground.
  2. Surface Runoff is the underground flow of water under the action of gravity.

How Does The Water Cycle Work?

The whole cycle occurs due to the three states: solid, liquid, gas. To understand well let’s do a simple experiment.

Question – When your mother boils the water. When the water is heated up. What do you see on the top of the vessel?

Answer – You see steam. This steam is also called water vapour. So, on heating the water it changes into water vapour EVAPORATION

How Does The Water Cycle Work?- Explanation

Question – Now, if we cover the boiling water with a lid. We will see tiny droplets of water on the inner side of the lid. What is it?

Answer – When the water vapor touches the cool lid. it changes back to water. CONDENSATION

Table of Process-

Process Name
Liquid (Water) to Gas Evaporation
Gas To Liquid (Water) Condensation
 Water from clouds in the form of rain(Hail, Snow) Precipitation

Water Cycle Explanation

    • When the sun shines on water on the Earth’s surface. The heat of the sun warms the water turning into an invisible gas called water vapour. This process the changing of water on earth into a gas is called Evaporation. It happens because gases are lighter than liquids.This results water vapour rises up into the sky.
  • Further, you move up and away from the Earth’s surface the temperature decreases(cooler). So, in the sky, the water vapour cools and changes back into tiny water droplets. This change is called condensation. Remember that it is the opposite of evaporation.
  • Clouds are made up of tiny water droplets. So, when condensation occurs in the sky. This results in the formation and clouds. More the tiny droplets more clouds form and grow.

When water droplets bump into one another. They stick together and grow in size. Water Droplets continue to grow until they are too heavy and fall as rain. They even grow as they bump into one another on their journey from the cloud to the Ground.

Every single raindrop that reaches the ground is made up of millions of the original tiny water droplets. When the raindrops fall on the ground surface. Again the sun can shine on them.

The whole process happens again. This cycle keeps water moving from the ground to the sky providing the water needed for plants animals and people to survive.

Evaporation In Water Cycle

When we keep a Glass of water under the sun and mark the level of water in the glass. After few hours, if we look at the level of water in the glass again. The level of water will drop.

Where has the water gone?

Answer – The sun has heated up the water and it has turned into water vapour. Water vapour is basically a water in gaseous (gas) form. So, when water turns into water vapour due to heat, we term as evaporation takes place due to the water cycle.

Condensation In Water Cycle

After evaporation when the water ( forming gas) goes up in the sky. When it reaches a cool place in the sky, it takes the shape of water again. So, when water vapour reaches the cooler places, they join together and change into the water again. This process we term as condensation takes place in the  cycle.

Precipitation Water Cycle

These clouds can produce rain, hail snow, or sleet. When the water-fall from the atmosphere in these forms. We call it precipitation. Most precipitation falls right back into the oceans completing the cycle. Rest that falls on land gets evaporated fairly quickly. However, there is a lot of precipitation left over that can go many different directions on land.

Transpiration Water Cycle

It is the process in which the water moves through a plant and its evaporation takes place from aerial parts, such as leaves, stems, and flowers.The video Explains the difference between the evaporation and transpiration.

This is whole about the basics of Water Cycle – Process, Explanation- Importance – Diagram.

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