Green House Effect And Global Warming: Cause,Consequences,Ways to Prevent

Green House Effect and Global Warming: Green house effect and global warming both are relative terms. Before studying greenhouse effect, let us try to know about the greenhouse.

Explain the Greenhouse Effect?

Certain plants grow well in hot climate i.e., under tropical conditions. In case they are shifted to cold climatic conditions, they are likely to wither or perish. In order to preserve them, special houses known as greenhouses are made. These are so named because plants remain green in them. It is a glass house built on the soil. The plants grown in the soil inside the greenhouse receive radiations from the sun only through glass walls. As a result, the temperature inside the greenhouse increases.

No, doubt, infra-red radiations are released but due to their longer wavelength (or lesser energy), they cannot escape from glass walls of the greenhouse. This enables the temperature inside to remain higher than the atmospheric temperature which is quite low. Consequently, plants inside the greenhouse remain quite comfortable and green.

Green House Effect And Global Warming

Global Warming Greenhouse Effect

The human beings are also living in a green house which is not visible to us. It is the blanket of an air called atmosphere which surrounds us. Its job is to keep the temperature of earth constant. Sun is the major source of energy. About 75 percent of the solar energy is absorbed by Earth while the rest is radiated back to the atmosphere. Some gases like carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, water vapors, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCS) have the capacity to trap some of the heat radiations that are released from the earth or from the sun. These gases are known on greenhouse gases and the effect is called green house effect. This leads to global warming about which we are all familiar. It is the increase in temperature of the Earth surface (both land and water). Over the years, the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere is constantly increasing.

green house effect and global warming

Now, it’s clear, what exactly green house Effect And global warming are?

Cause of Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming

 A number of factors are responsible for the increase in the concentration of the green house gases.

(i) These days, electricity is generated in thermal power plants where coal burns. This leads to the release of an enormous amount of both CO and CO2 gases.

(ii) Both coal and wood are the main household fuels and they also release CO2 gas into the atmosphere

(iii) Indiscriminate deforestation is going on to construct more and more buildings. Since plants take up CO2 from the atmosphere, an imbalance is this being created in the atmosphere and this leads to the increase in the concentration of the gas.

(iv) Marshy lands, paddy fields, and organic wastes release methane (green house gas) into the atmosphere.

(v) Excess use of nitrogenous fertilizers is also responsible for the increase in the concentration of oxides of nitrogen in the atmosphere.

We thus conclude that the unplanned industrialization is responsible for the increase in the concentration of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

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Consequences of Greenhouse Effect

As I told earlier that Greenhouse effect and global warming both are relative terms.The warming resulting because greenhouse effect has serious consequences. These are listed.

(i) Glaciers will melt at a higher rate and this will lead to a rise in the sea level resulting in floods and loss of soil particularly in the coastal areas. It has been estimated that the sea level may rise by 0.5 m to 1.5 m in about next hundred years. However, plants undergoing photosynthesis will take up carbon dioxide at a faster rate which is likely to stimulate their growth.

Green House Effect And Global Warming

(ii) Global warming caused by greenhouse effect is also likely to increase the cases of malaria, dengue, yellow fever etc.This is what we observe particular in Africa and neighboring countries.

(iii) Warming often leads to forest fires which have become very common over the years.This leads to release of more of gases into the atmosphere.

Ways To Prevent Global Warming

 Global warming can be checked only if we check the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. A number of measures have been suggested to achieve this.

(i) The use of fossil fuels such as wood, coal, petrol, L.P.G. etc. should be minimized.This should result a drastic downfall in the greenhouse effect and global warming.

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(ii) Electricity must be generated from nuclear reactors. Emphasis must also be given to hydroelectricity.

(iii) Deforestation must be totally stopped and strict punishments must be given to the offenders.

(iv) Emphasis must be on bringing more and more of land under plantation.

(v) Use of chlorofluorocarbons must be checked.

One thing is sure i.e., all those which add to our comforts, are also our enemies. Thank God, we have all realized this and are doing our best to overpower the menace of warming.

This is about the Green House Effect And Global Warming.

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