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Pollution is a serious problem in today’s world. This has become a matter of great concern for lovers of nature and environment. Not only the human community but also the whole community has come under its grip. Its side effects are visible all around. Effects of pollution lead to great Impact on us.


The literal meaning of pollution is- dirt. The dirt which has spread all around us and through which all the inhabitants of the earth effect badly.Air and water are nature-paid life-giving objects. These two objects have a huge participation in maintaining life and living. Air where all the organisms breathe, water is used to drink water. But both of these things have become very dirty nowadays.


There is not a single reason behind it.The air pollutant like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide is being received in large quantities. In the water, wastes of garbage waste of chemicals were carried out.Ponds, rivers, lakes and sea is constantly being polluted. 

Human has misused all resources to fulfil its selfishness. The result of effects of Pollution is in front of us. Due to this pollution, there has been a disturbance in the natural balance of the environment. There are many types of pollution-water pollution, land pollution, air pollution, noise pollution. Today’s civilization can be called urban civilization. The population of some of the major metropolitan cities of India has crossed the 1 million mark.For this reason, the cities have become a mess.

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Effects of Pollution

Effects of Pollution

We have forgotten our nature in the development of industrial development. And this is why different diseases are emerging in the world today. Due to industrialization, the survival system is rapidly turning into a life-threatening system.

If you think about the side effects of pollution, then they are very serious. Breathing in polluted air produces many lung and respiratory diseases. Drinking contaminated water causes stomach disorders to spread. Dirty water is also very harmful to living organisms. Sound pollution generates mental stress. It has to undergo problems like deafness, anxiety and unrest.

Drinking polluted water has many harmful effects on human health. Polluted water contains many microorganisms that either cause causes of various diseases or transmit pathogens. The diseases caused by polluted water are as follows:

Bacteria born – cholera, typhoid, diarrhoea, dysentery etc.

Virus genitalia – jaundice, polio etc.

Protozoan-stomach and intestinal disorders such as amoebic dysentery, gerediasis etc.

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