Early Childhood Education (ECE)

What happens early matters for a lifetime as parents, educators, and legislators we need to provide a strong continuum of early childhood education so all children have the opportunities and skills to achieve their dreams. ECE program helps to create an environment for the infant/toddler to work in groups with friends they take turns and help each other figure stuff out.

What is Early Childhood Education?

ECE is a branch in an educational field that describes the way of teaching young children till the age of about eight. It is not just about English alphabets  A, B, Cs, and colors, it’s about developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and fine motor skills.The first five years of life are full of discovery and though some days might seem repetitive to you. For a child, there’s always something new to explore.Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education Definition

It is a teaching methodology through which and ECE educator helps children develop the ability of problem-solving, critical thinking and motor skills.

Science tells us why studies show that the brain develops quickly? During these first few years and the more that you keep that brain busy, the better it will develop, and be ready for school. When the time comes simply put busy babies become better students. The first few years of life are very important in terms of brain development, in terms of the structural development of the actual brain itself as well as functional. So, what kind of environment the child is exposed to during those early years will impact that child’s intelligence as well as the child’s personality later in life.  ECE is an education program which must become popular among countries.

Benefits of Early Childhood Education

Only a small percentage of students get benefits of ECE programs. The best way to narrow the gap is to prevent it from forming high-quality early childhood programs that have the potential to level the playing field for low-income children and prepare them for success throughout their school years are essential yet they lack funding and reach view. The achievement gap starts out as an opportunity gap. I suggest you search for affordable colleges for ECE.

Learn How to Collaborate

ECE helps students to learn that how they collaborate. It is not just a play, It’s purposeful play. Sadly, only a few percent of four-year-olds are enrolled in a high-quality program that prepares them for kindergarten. This is where the achievement gap begins.

Achievement and Opportunity

Researchers have found that by age four low-income children who cannot access good quality early childhood programs are already 18 months behind their more advantaged peers but there is hope researchers have found that as much as 50% of the achievement gap can be closed by effective early learning.

Effective Pathway

It’s not just about preschool preparing children for kindergarten. It’s about ensuring one has an effective pathway for learning. So he/she’s great by eight without a strong continuum of early childhood learning from age three to grade three. The gains children make from high-quality preschool start to go away and eventually fade out.

Stimulating Brain Development

Whether it’s drawing, building, or even talking it’s all play to them. These activities are actually stimulating brain development and it’s these activities that give parents the chance to make sure their child is developmentally on track. It’s really important for parents to be aware of the fact that their kids have developmental milestones that by certain ages they are supposed to accomplish certain tasks and be able to do certain things. By age three your child will likely learn how to feed themselves, walk up stairs with alternating feet or they will listen to stories attendant, brush their teeth, and play well with other children.

Social Growth

Children who undergo ECE are so successful because they reaped the benefits of a strong continuum of early childhood learning. Providing ECE opportunities is good for the individual, the community, and the economy. Did you know that we save seven dollars for every dollar invested in ECE? Anyone can see this is a no-brainer. Every child deserves the same opportunities as others. A strong start equipped students with the skills they need to pursue their dreams.

We also support a strong continuum of childhood education from age to grade for every child.

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