What Can You Do With A Criminal Justice Degree?

Are you looking for the answer that what you can do with the criminal justice degree? If you are thinking of studying criminal justice online at a college or you have already got your degree, this article helps you. We have summarized eight career options you can choose.We also discussed in this article that how much money you can expect to get paid. Also, what skills you need.What Can You Do With A Criminal Justice Degree?

As a bonus, for those who are searching for an accredited criminal justice degree, I will also give you a list of top five colleges and the top five for online study programs so stay tuned.

Now you might be thinking that a criminal justice degree is for someone who wants to be a police officer. That’s not entirely the case.

  • Firstly, it can give you a legal career, where you can give legal services to people and companies such as a legal representative or as a public official in court.
  • Secondly, you can have a career in law enforcement where you could be involved in upholding the law in response to crime. Jobs in this group include forensics, policing, and criminology.

Careers With A Criminal Justice Degree

Now here the list of jobs with salary details from the Department of Labor Statistics.

CIA agent

CIA agents investigate crimes all over the world, often putting their lives at risk by working undercover in dangerous situations. They earn between $ 74,872 -$155,500 hundred dollars. In addition to a criminal justice degree, you will also likely need five years of investigational experience to become a CIA agent.

DEA agents

Number two we have DEA agents, also known as Drug Enforcement Administration agents. Now, these guys enforce drug laws by investigating drug trafficking and arresting drug offenders and sometimes working undercover. Their salaries depend on education and experience, but a starting salary of $ 49,7406 (an average) which can increase to $ 92,592 or more years after 4 years of working in the field. To be a DEA agent you’ll need to be in good physical shape so easy on those donuts and those pies and those pizzas, you know who you are. After getting your criminal justice degree, you will receive weeks of basic agent training at the DEA training academy and may receive ongoing training opportunities.

Fraud Investigator

Fraud investigators determine whether the insurance claim is genuine, usually after an insurance company has paid for a claim which could be for property damage or personal injury. Some even work on corporate financial fraud. Obamacare has led to an increased demand for health insurance fraud investigators which is expected to increase in the coming years. the average salary of $ 58,460 a year. You will need skills in gathering evidence, interviewing parties, involved and presenting your findings to clients.

Forensic Science Technician

Forensic science technicians work in labs government agencies hospitals courtrooms and other places where the ability to reconstruct events based on clues such as broken material and fingerprints is needed. The average salaries $ 55660. But this is higher in states where there is more demand and can reach as high as $ 74050. Good grades in math and science on an advantage in applying as the work is very analytical.

Fish and game warden

Fish and game wardens provide visitors services like explaining regulations answering questions and providing information about the park. They also perform emergency duties to protect human life, property and natural features of the park. Parks across the country need staff to help keep people safe when visiting and criminal justice graduates are well suited for the job. Their knowledge of patrol procedures investigation and maintaining public safety makes this a natural fit for them. They can earn on average about $ 55,670.

Police Officer

Police officers earn an average annual salary of $ 55,010 /yr and demand for police officers is expected to grow by 7% ensuring job security. They are on the frontline of the criminal justice system as they arrest criminals and prevent crime by the presence on the streets. In addition to your degree, you’ll get training on cultural diversity awareness legal ethics and law enforcement technologies.

Security Guard

Security guards are responsible for managing and maintaining the facility’s security. Additionally, they are tasked with writing reports of daily activities or irregularities and working with the public safety officials in the event of an emergency. Security guards earn on average about $25,000.

Probation Officer

Finally, at number eight, we have the probation officer. Probation officers work with offenders to ensure they meet the terms specified in their probation or parole agreements. This means that responsibility for administering drug tests interviewing and reporting on the progress of offenders and also assisting them in finding help for any mental health or substance abuse issues. probation officers can earn around $49,060

Top Criminal Justice Colleges

That’s my list of the top list of jobs you can do with a criminal justice degree. Next, I want to talk you through the top campus-based degree programs as ranked by the US News Survey.

Rank School Name Score
#1 University of Maryland – College Park(MD) 4.7
#2 University at Albany number – SUNY(NY) 4.4
#3 University of Cincinnati 4.1
#4 University of Missouri – St. Louis 3.8
#5 Pennsylvania State University 3.7

I hope that helps you a lot and good luck in your criminal justice careers.

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