Cheapest Online College Per Credit Hour

If you are looking for Cheapest Online College Per Credit Hour (Cheap Accredited Online Colleges). I have mentioned a list of accredited online colleges that are affordable. So you can choose the best online college near you and save on your student loan.Cheapest Online College Per Credit Hour (Cheap Accredited Online Colleges)

U.S. student loan debt is now over one trillion dollars. Almost 40 million students owe student loan money, with the average student loan balance for all age groups being around $25,000. What the sad is that over 7 million students are now unable to pay back the amounts they owe.

Cheapest Online College Per Credit Hour

Public universities continue to hike their fees. Annual in-state tuition now cost eight thousand four hundred dollars. On average while out-of-state students typically pay more than $19,000. A lot of students are now opting for an online college education which is not only cheaper but flexible too.

Now here’s a list of the top ten most affordable accredited online colleges that give you the best online courses for the money. All have a minimum of 10 fully online degrees across various subjects and the online tuition figures are for out-of-state online bachelor’s degrees.

Cheap Accredited Online Colleges List

Rank College Name Cost
#1 South Texas College. $3,450
#2 Great Basin College. $5,013
#3 Darton State College. $5,625
#4 Western Governors University. $5,780
#5 Fort Hays State University. $5,824
#6 Georgia Southern State University. $5,970
#7 City Vision University. $6,000
#8 Delta State University. $6,012
#9 Arkansas State University-Main Campus $6,480
#10 Broward College. $6,756

Accredited Online Colleges Benefits

  • You can pick your own schedule, can go online and go to class whenever you want to. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Sunday, it doesn’t matter if it’s 3:00 am in the morning. It makes everything so much easier because it’s just so flexible.
  • You can literally go to college anywhere and it’s never going to interrupt your schedule. For example, if I could move to Costa Rica tomorrow and my schoolwork would be completely unaffected and I could still be going to school.
  •  it’s typically cheaper than going to college the regular way.

Online Colleges Disadvantage

  • You are going to have to have some self-control. you get distracted pretty easily.
  • Lacking face-to-face interaction with your professors and your fellow students. It becomes really hard for some people with the passage of time.

This is information about the Cheapest Online College Per Credit Hour( Cheap Accredited Online Colleges). I hope you found that useful thank you. All the best in your careers and take care.

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