Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN): It is a program designed to equip nursing students with the skills that become a registered nurse it also allows students to continue a higher degree program after graduation. Such as graduate school can lead to management positions and a lot more opportunities.Bachelor of Science in Nursing

What is a BSN Degree?

It one of the degrees that you can get in in the nursing field. You get it from either a public or a private university. It’s usually a four-year program and it gives you a really in-depth education and hands-on approach to becoming a nurse.

One of the drawbacks is that it is more expensive than an ADN program or diploma program. On average it costs anywhere from twenty-six thousand dollars to a hundred thousand dollars for the four-year program to be able to get your BSN in nursing. Just an example in the University of Texas one semester 12 credits 4412 dollars and that’s for a resident in Texas. For a non-resident, it is 11485 dollars.

So when you’re looking into getting your BSN you have to also incorporate how much it’s going to cost for your tuition, your housing, your food, and the cost of having fun on weekends. So, you want to think about all of those things when you’re looking into a BSN(Bachelor in Nursing), ADN(Associates Degree in Nursing) or diploma program and you also want to be looking forward with your career and what you want to do with your BSN in the nursing field.

(BSN) Bachelor of Science in Nursing Requirements

You’re probably a student or a high school student thinking about getting into the nursing program and you want to know what the prerequisites are:

  1. GPA requirements.
  2. Required Prerequisite classes.
  3. Application Process.
  4. Health requirements.

Grade point average(GPA) is one of the most important determining factors in getting you into nursing school. They look at GPA along with other things but GPA plays a big role. GPA helps to get into the nursing program you desire. This really depends on the program you are looking into. Some programs require low GPAs and some required really high GPA. Typically the more prestigious or competitive the school is, the higher the GPA requirement. Experts say that if you have a 3.5 or higher GPA  that’s considered a competitive GPA and you’re usually safe getting into nursing school.

(BSN) Bachelor of Science in Nursing Salary

Nursing is one of the fastest growing professions. You can earn a very comfortable income. According to, they reported that in the average nursing salary was 69790 dollars per year and the average hourly wage was 3355 dollars. Now these are averages there are some nurses earn more and some nurses earn less.

So, let’s talk about the factors that determine how much you can earn. There are four different factors, those factors are:

  • What type of industry you work.
  • Experience,
  • Location: Some states you’ll earn more as a nurse and some states you’ll earn less.
  • Shift and Specialty: For example, ICU nurses tend to earn more than a regular floor nurse. 

Salary Location-wise: Click Here.

A lot of people think that in order to make the most as a nurse you go and work in a hospital. But according to the statistics, it is not true. Profit organizations really tend to pay nurses the most money. For example, nurses who worked in wholesale electronic markets earned a staggering 84200 dollars that was the top earner. Nurses who worked in the insurance and employee fund benefit earned a little less at 82030 dollars. So, these are the top industries that if you’re looking to make the most money.

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