Bachelor of Science in Biology -OR- Bachelors in Biology

Biological science is the study of all living things alive on this planet, particularly of those that have gone several expansions in the recent years. Bachelor of science in biology (or Bachelors in Biology) is a field of study that has caught attention from a varied number of students as well as teachers as it has a very exciting and rapidly developing untouched/ unknown to everybody background.Bachelor of Science in Biology -OR- Bachelors in Biology

(BS)Bachelors in Biology

Requirement Completion of 106-125 credit hours.
Curriculum Combination of Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology.
Additional  English, history and the humanities.

The topics for biological science include neuroscience, cell biology, ecology and evolutionary biology, related science. A tentative insight into all the subjects mentioned will give you definite knowledge about biological science as a subject as a whole. Biology is a natural science subject concerned with the excessive study of living organisms and their lives, including the part of their structure, growth, functioning, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy. Also, forestry, medicine, and pharmacy are included in this course, although, at a higher level.

Top 7 (BS) Bachelor of Science in Biology Careers

Are you wondering what jobs you can do with your bachelor of science in biology degree(or Bachelors in Biology)? Whether you’re still studying biology at college online or even if you already have your bachelor’s or master’s degree. We will list you seven career options. Also the salary you can expect to earn and the skills that you’ll need.

A bachelor of science in biology degree is very broad and flexible. This means jobs for biology majors can range from school teachers to zoologist.  If you’re interested in studying living things you’ll be able to find a number of careers with high demand. Here’s a list of the top seven jobs for biology majors.

Biomedical engineer

A biomedical engineer can expect to earn $ 86,950 on average and you’ll earn more with a graduate  Bachelors in Biology degree. Biomedical engineers work in healthcare where they design or maintain the medical product. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the profession is going to grow by more than 60% over the next ten years.

Biology teachers

Biology teachers can earn $ 86,830 a year on average. Teachers can specialize in teaching science or biology with an endorsement on their teaching. Combining your undergraduate education coursework with your Bachelors degree there’s one way to become a biology teacher. You can also consider state-sponsored alternative teacher certification programs or master’s degrees in teaching.

Science writer

 If you’re gifted in writing and you want to enhance your skills and become a science writer this may be the career for you. You can expect to earn an average $ 69,030 a year. Science writers in public relations write press releases that announce new developments and their workplaces to journalists. Science journalists can work for newspapers magazines websites and radio or TV stations.

Medical scientist

The demand for medical scientists is high and shows no sign of slowing down. You will need a Ph.D. qualification. Medical scientists perform research into human health though there’s some variation the median annual wage for medical scientists is about $ 77,190 a year


Microbiology studied the smallest most basic forms of life such as bacteria, viruses, and other microscopic organisms. Their findings contribute to healthcare and other industries where they have numerous applications. You’ll need a Bachelors degree and more advanced degrees are required for better-paying positions. The average salary $67,790 a year.

Environmental scientist

Environmental scientists identify and reduce harm to the natural environment. Many choose to specialize in either environmental health or environmental protection. On average environmental scientists make $66,250 a year. With climate change and increased awareness of environmental issues on the rise environmental scientists are expected to be in high demand. Most entry-level jobs require a Bachelors in Bio degree though.

Biological Technicians

An annual salary of about $ 41290. Biological technicians make less than most other jobs for Bio majors and their demand is much lower. You’ll need a bachelor’s in biology degree as well as plenty of experience working in a lab. The work involves producing results together with medical scientists and designing products all right guys.

Now that’s my list of the top seven jobs you can hope to do with your Bio degree.

What Can I Do With A Bachelors In Biology?

I will repeat here is that for many of the sciences including biology just achieving a bachelor’s of science in biology is often not enough if you want to be in charge of your own research. With just a bachelor’s degree, you’re competing with other scientists that have years of experience in your field. In order to have the opportunity to manage and conduct your own research you likely need a Ph.D. or five to eight years of hands-on experience working under veterans of your field. The sciences experience everything and you should take advantage of internship and research opportunities while you’re in school to better prepare yourself for post-graduation life.

 Best Colleges For Biology

I’m going to give you the top ten universities where you can go to study on campus Bachelor of science in biology degree.

  1. Number one is a triple tie between Harvard University, MIT, and Stanford University.
  2. The University of California Berkeley.
  3. Tied between is the California Institute of Technology and John Hopkins University.
  4. Another tie between the University of California San Francisco and Yale University.
  5. Lastly, tie again between Princeton University and Scripps Research Institute.

These universities were ranked by US New Survey.

Transition During Bachelors Degree in Biology

There are a lot of students that go into biology (Bio) with the goal of getting into Medical School which is required if you want to become a doctor or surgeon which is a great path to go of course. But after four years of college many students say they are done with school and end up not going to med school and now they just have a bachelor of science in biology degree and like stated before this can limit you in career opportunities.

Be sure to consider this and have a few backup plans mapped out just in case. Another thing to keep in mind is that many students who go into Bio degree switch their majors end up switching into kinesiology. This is one of the most common transitions and it usually happens because those students end up failing their Bio courses or just don’t have interest in the subject after all.

Then kinesiology students usually need further education and as an example can go into physical therapy school to become a licensed physical therapist. This is not meant to turn you off the Bio major but these occurrences happen enough where you should be aware of them because it may help you down the road.

That’s all for Bachelors in Biology and I hope you found this information very useful if you enjoy this content please do share till and I wish you all the best in your studies and your careers you.

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