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 All houses are made of bricks.Similarly, Atom and Molecules are the building blocks of matter.An atom is a small particle when group together form matter. Anything around us which occupies space and has mass is called as matter.

Atom and Molecules

Atoms and Molecules 

An atom takes part in the chemical reaction. Atoms are very very small in size.It’s an idea about 35 crore copper atom cover the distance of 1 cm. The size of an atom indicates the atomic radius.Units of the atomic radius are nano-meter. A nanometer is a very small unit of measuring length. It has the properties of an element.Its sub-particles are Electrons Protons and Neutrons.

 Hydrogen atom is the smallest atom of all atoms.They are so small that we cannot see even under a highly powerful optical microscope.Electron microscopes can produce extremely magnified image of a tiny object. The most advanced type of electron microscope and its name is scanning tunnelling microscope (STM).This microscope can produce computer generated images which show in visuals.

A molecule is a group of two or more atoms bonded together.The covalent bond force responsible for holding the atom together. A combination of these atoms we call as a molecule. These molecules exist in the free state. It has the properties of that substance.In molecule formation, there is a sharing or exchange of electrons among atoms.

Relation of Atom and Molecules

Molecules form either by combining the same element on different elements.

There are two types of molecules:

1.Molecules of an atom.

2. Molecules of the compound.

Molecules of atom

The molecule of an element contains two or more similar atoms combine together.For example molecule of hydrogen. Hydrogen element contains two hydrogen atoms combine together. It is represented as H2 . The hydrogen molecule is a diatomic molecule because it contains two atoms or molecules. Similarly, ozone O3 gas has 3 oxygen atoms combine together.

The number of atoms present in a molecule we call as atomicity of molecule.

So, we can say atomicity of hydrogen and ozone is 2 and 3 respectively in atom and molecules.

Molecule of compound

The molecules of compounds contain two or more different types of atoms combine together. For example HCL. The molecule of HCL contains two different types of atom hydrogen atom and a chlorine atom.

Atom and Molecules

Water is a compound, a molecule of water contains three types of atom hydrogen oxygen.

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