Alternative Energy Sources

With the progress of technology, demand for energy increases. To avoid environmental hazards alternative energy sources are developed. Also, our lifestyle is also changing. We use machines to do more and more of our works. Industrialization improves our standard of living. So, we require a good and alternative energy source.

Alternative Energy Sources

 Good Source of Energy would be one
    • which has high calorific value.
    • be easily accessible.
    • easy to store and transport.
    • be economical.
    • widely available.
    • environment-friendly.

Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative Energy Sources

Solar Energy

Sun has been radiating enormous amount of energy.It will continue about 5 billion years more.A small fraction of solar energy reaches Earth.

This limit of using solar energy is overcome using solar cells.It converts solar energy into electricity. The solar is mostly used in generating light and heat. A typical cell develops a voltage of 0.5-1 V.It means can produce approximately 0.7 W power.When a group of a solar cell exposed to the Sun.The solar cell panel produces enough electricity for practical use.The main advantage of solar cells is that there are no moving parts.It needs little maintenance and does a lot of work.This does not need the use of any focusing device.Alternative Energy Sources

Another advantage is that they can be set up in remote and inaccessible areas.It avoids a long electric transmission establishment.It can be expensive and can not be commercially viable.Silicon is abundant in nature and used to make solar cells.But the availability of quality grade silicons is limited.The whole process of construction is still very expensive.


In Biomass there is a use of agriculture and animal waste.The waste used as a fuel.It has low calorific value.It produces smoke when burnt.Their efficiency as a good fuel has increased significantly with the application of technology.Fuel is used for lighting, cooking in the rural areas. While the residue left behind used in soil.It is excellent manure, rich in nitrogen and phosphorous.

Alternative Energy From Sea

The energy from the sea is available in the following forms.
(i) Tidal energy.
(ii)The energy of sea waves.
(iii)Ocean Thermal Energy.

Tidal energy

Due to the gravitational pull of the Moon.The level of water in the ocean increases and falls. If you live near the sea or at any time, travel to someplace near the sea.Try and see the sea level changes during the day. This phenomenon term as a high and low tide.And the difference in sea level gives us tidal energy.A narrow opening is connected to the construction of a dam for the sea.The turbine is fixed at the time of the opening of the dam, which gives electricity.

Wave energy

Similarly, the kinetic energy is near the seaside with heavy waves can be trapped in the same way as generating electricity.Waves are generated by the strong wind blowing along the ocean.Several types of devices have been developed to detect wave energy for turbine rotation and power generation.It is also used to lift water.

 Ocean thermal energy

This is also one of the alternative energy sources. Water on the surface of the sea is warmed by the sun while water in deep areas is relatively cold. Because of temperature difference.It is used to obtain energy in ocean-thermal energy.With the temperature difference derive benefit from plants These plants can work if the depth up to 2 km and temperature at (20 degrees Celsius) or more. Hot surface-water is used to boil the volatile Ammonia and used to run Generator’s turbine.The cold water from the depths of the sea pump and condense the ammonia gas.

 Geothermal Energy

Heat from the earth term as geothermal energy.Volcanic energy cannot be controlled.In Geothermal energy, heat is collected from the volcano and use to generate electricity.The cost of production will not be too high, but nothing in it

Geothermal energy has a large environmental benefit.It is because it avoids air pollution which is produced by fossil fuel source. Geothermal energy has a very little impact on soil.It looks like a small scale industry construction complex. Very few commercially viable sites where such energy sources are used.The number of power plants on the basis of geothermal energy operational in the United States and  Germany.

Nuclear Energy

How does nuclear energy arise? In a process term as nuclear fission, the nucleus of a heavy atom (such as uranium, plutonium or thorium) is strike with a slow-moving neutron. When this is done, result a tremendous amount of energy is released. For example, the energy produced by the products are 10 million times combustion of an atom of carbon from coal.

Nuclear fission. Heavy atom (Uranium) bombarded with low energy neutron.This results split (break down) into lighter nuclei.It can be controlled using
Nuclear Fusion.Two lighter nuclei join to form a heavy nucleus. This also results the tremendous amount of energy is released.It cannot be controlled

Both require a huge cost for establishment and maintenance.

The major hazard of nuclear power production is storage and disposal. Uranium depletes in the form of harmful radiations. Atomic waste storage results in environmental pollution. The high cost is spent to avoid the risk of leakage of atomic radiation.

This is all about the basic of the Alternative Energy Sources.

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